Canon DSLR Camera Terminologies User Guide

All You Need To Know About

— Improve your Canon knowledge by familiarizing yourself with these 12 camera terminologies and their functions

DSLR Terminologies

EOS stands for Electro-Optical System and has been used by Canon for its digital cameras with changeable lenses.

The CR2 file extension refers to Canon Raw image files created by a Canon digital camera. It is uncompressed and very high-quality.

Vari-angle LCD technology refers to a fully articulated screen that can be tilted and twisted using a hinge and/or pivot.

Av mode, or Aperture priority mode, allows the photographer to set a fixed aperture while letting the camera decide the best corresponding shutter speed and ISO to achieve a well-balanced exposure for your output.

Tv mode refers to the shutter speed priority mode. This means the user will have control over the shutter speed setting while the camera works out the best accompanying aperture and ISO settings.

Fv mode refers to Flexible Value. It sets the camera to Flexible Priority Auto Exposure mode and allows the user to switch exposure settings between auto and manual anytime with a touch of a button while toggling between Program mode, Av, Tv, and manual mode.

One-shot Autofocus works by locking its focus on a single subject or area.

AI Servo AF tracks your selected point to ensure it is always in focus.

Known as Evaluative Through-The-Lens autoflash, E-TTL is a Canon Speedlite technology where the camera uses information obtained through the lens to calculate how much light the flash needs to emit for the appropriate brightness.

ALO refers to Automatic Lighting Optimizer, and is a feature where the camera makes adjustments to the shadows and highlights to even out between the brightest and darkest point of the image.

Creative Assist allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, background blur and more within the camera’s parameters to achieve a certain style or look before photographing.

Creative Filter allows you to apply pre-set filters like Fish Eye, Grainy B/W, Soft Focus and more to your shots.