Marvel MACL215-IS01B 15 Inch Built-In Undercounter Clear Ice Maker User Guide

MARVEL MACL215-IS01B 15 Inch Built-In Undercounter Clear Ice Maker User Guide


Welcome to the Marvel Experience 
Thank you for choosing our quality American-built product to add to your home. We are thrilled to welcome you to our growing community of Marvel owners, who trust in our products and our support.
The information in this guide is intended to help you install and maintain your new Marvel under-counter model to protect and prolong its lifetime. We encourage you to contact our Technical Support team at (616) 754-5601 with any questions.
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Important Safety Instructions

Warnings and safety instructions appearing in this guide are not meant to cover all possible conditions and situations that may occur. Common sense, caution, and care must be exercised when installing, maintaining, or operating this appliance.
Recognize Safety Symbols,  Words, and Labels

WARNING – You can be killed or seriously injured if you do not follow these instructions.

CAUTION-Hazards or unsafe practices which could re- sult in personal injury or property / product damage.

NOTE-Important information to help assure a problem free installation and operation.

State of California Proposition 65 Warning: This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

State of California Proposition 65 Warning: This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer.

WARNING-This unit contains R600a (Isobutane) which is a flammable hydrocarbon. It is safe for regular use. Do not use sharp objects to expedite defrosting. Do not damage the refrigerant circuit.



Use two or more people to move the product. Failure to do so can result in personal injury.
Remove Interior Packaging
Your appliance has been packed for shipment with all parts that could be damaged by movement securely fastened. Remove internal packing materials and any tape holding internal components in place. The owner’s manual is shipped inside the product in a plastic bag along with the warranty registration card, and other accessory items.

Keep your carton and packaging until your appliance has been thoroughly inspected and found to be in good condition. If there is damage, the packaging will be needed as proof of the damage in transit. Afterward please dispose of all items responsibly.

WARNING – Dispose of plastic bags which can be a suffocation hazard.

Note to Customer
This merchandise was carefully packed and thoroughly inspected before leaving our plant. Responsibility for its safe delivery was assumed by the retailer upon acceptance of the shipment. Claims for loss or damage sustained in transit must be made to the retailer.



If the appliance was shipped, handled, or stored in other
than an upright position for any period of time, allow the appliance to sit upright for a period of at least 24 hours before plugging in. This will assure oil returns to the compressor. Plugging the appliance in immediately may cause damage to internal parts.



Electrical Shock Hazard

  • Do not use an extension cord with this appliance. They can be hazardous and can degrade product performance.
  • This appliance should not, under any circumstances, be installed to an ungrounded electrical supply.
  • Do not remove the grounding prong from the power cord.
  • Do not use an adapter.
  • Do not splash or spray water from a hose on the appliance. Doing so may cause an electrical shock, which may result in severe injury or death.

Electrical Connection
A grounded 115 volt, 15 amp dedicated circuit is required
This product is factory equipped with a power supply cord that has a three-pronged, grounded plug. It must be plugged into a mating grounding-type receptacle in accordance ith the National Electrical Code and applicable local codes and ordinances (see figure below). If the circuit does not have a grounding-type receptacle, it is the responsibility and obligation of the customer to provide the proper power supply. The third ground prong should not, under any circumstances, be cut or removed.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) are prone to nuisance tripping which will cause the appliance to shut down. GFCIs are generally not used on circuits with power equipment that must run unattended for long periods of time, unless required to meet local building codes and ordinances.


Select Location
The proper location will ensure peak performance of your appliance. We recommend a location where the unit will be out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources. To ensure your product performs to specifications, the recommended installation location temperature range is from 55 to 100°F (13 to 38°C).
Cabinet Clearance
Ventilation is required from the bottom front of the appliance. Keep this area open and clear of any obstructions. Adjacent cabinets and countertops can be installed around the appliance as long as the front grille remains unobstructed. All Marvel Professional models with articulated hinges are intended for built-in applications only.

An optional stacking kit, for 24″ wide models, is required to stack products. Failure to use a stacking kit could result in personal injury. Contact your dealer or Marvel customer service at 616-754-5601 to order. For safety concerns, 15″ wide models should not be stacked.


Front Grille
Do not obstruct the front grille. The openings within the front grille allow air to flow through the condenser heat exchanger. Restrictions to this air flow will result in increased energy usage and loss of cooling capacity. For this reason it is important this area to not be obstructed and the grille openings kept clean. Marvel does not recommend  the use of a custom made grille as air flow may be restricted.

Leveling Legs Adjustable legs at the front and rear corners of the appliance should be set so the unit is firmly positioned on the floor and level from side to side and front to back. The overall height of your Marvel appliance may be adjusted higher (by turning the leveling leg out, CCW) and lower (by turning the leveling leg in, CW).
To adjust the leveling legs, place the appliance on a solid surface and protect the floor beneath the legs to avoid scratching the floor. With the assistance of another person, lean the appliance back to access the front leveling legs. Raise or lower the legs to the required dimension by turning the legs. Repeat this process for the rear by tilting the appliance forward using caution. On a level surface check the appliance for levelness and adjust accordingly.
The front grille screws may be loosened and the grille adjusted to the desired height. When adjustment is complete tighten the two front grille screws.


Door Reversing Instructions
Tools Needed:

  • 1/8” Hex Key
  • 5/32” Hex Key
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  1. Open the door and remove the Hinge Pin from the Upper Hinge.
  2. using a 1/8” Hex Key tool making sure to steady the Using a Phillips Screwdriver, remove the 6 screws from  both the Upper and Lower Hinges and save for later steps
  3. Once the Hinges are removed from the unit, using a Phillips Screwdriver, remove the Bushing Screw and Hinge Pin Screw and save for later steps.
  4. On the Bottom Hinge, reattach the Bushing Screw and Hinge Pin Screw to the opposite side
  5. Using a 5/32” Hex Key, remove the Upper and Lower Hinge Brackets from the door saving all components. screw into place on the opposite side of the door (where lugs were removed). Remove the Cam Closer from the Lower-Hinge Bracket and attach it to the opposite side

  6. Remove the Toe Kick from the door and attach it to the opposite side

  7.  Reattach the Upper and Lower Hinges, and Hinge Brackets to opposite sides. Then install the door.


Control Function Guide

Function Command Notes
ON/OFF Pressand release. The unit will immediately turn ON or OFF.
Adjust Temperature Press or     and release. When the display is flashing, press or adjust the set point temperature. Note: The temperature displayed is the actual temperature inside the unit.
Adjust light color press Hold press and release  and  press to scroll through lighting options. Option  ……….Open Door White ……. Closed Door White                    
          BrightShieldTM                   BrightShieldTM (default)         White                        BrightShieldTM
Toggle interior light – Door Closed Press  and release to toggle interior light option; press again to deactivate. The toggle depends on the light color option above. Light output 50%/
Toggle between °F/°C Hold  and  for 5 seconds. The display will change units.
Hide Display Hold  and press . The display will turn off when the door is closed. The unit will continue to operate. Repeat the command to turn on the display.
Enable Sabbath Mode Pressand hold for 5 seconds and release The °F / °C symbol will flash briefly after 5 seconds. Interior light and the display will go dark and remain so until the user resets mode – the unit continues to operate
Disable Sabbath Mode Press and release Display and interior light return to normal operation
Showroom Mode Hold and  for 5 seconds The °F / °C symbol will flash. The display will be lit and interior light will function. The unit will not cool. Repeat command to return to normal operation


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All specifications and product designs are subject to change without notice. Such revisions do not entitle the buyer to corresponding changes, improvements, additions, replacements or compensation for previously purchased products.


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