Brother DCP‑L2560DW All-In-One Laser Printer User Guide

DCP‑L2560DW All-In-One Laser Printer

HLL2380DW / DCPL2560DW / MFCL2720DW / MFCL2740DW
Quick Setup Guide

Not all models are available in all countries.
The latest manuals are available at the Brother Solutions Center:
Watch our FAQ Videos for help with setting up your Brother machine:

Version B UK

Unpack the machine and check the components

Drum Unit (Preinstalled)

AC Power Cord (only for certain

Quick Setup Guide


Inbox Toner Cartridge

(For U.K.)

(For Others)

Telephone Line Cord Product Safety Guide (For MFC models)

Basic User’s Guide (only for certain models)

Read the Product Safety Guide first, then read this Quick Setup Guide for the correct installation procedure.
· The components included in the box and the AC power plug may differ depending on your country.
· The illustrations in this Quick Setup Guide are based on the MFCL2740DW. · You must purchase the correct interface cable for the interface you want to use.
USB cable We recommend using a USB 2.0 cable (Type A/B) that is no more than 2 metres long.
Network cable Use a straightthrough Category 5 (or greater) twistedpair cable for 10BASET or 100BASETX Fast Ethernet Network.
Secure Network Access Your machine’s default password is on the label on the back of the machine (preceded by “Pwd”). We strongly recommend you change it to protect your machine from unauthorised access.

1 Remove the packing materials and install the toner cartridge






Remove the orange part.

Remove the orange part.

2 Load paper in the paper tray

Adjust the paper guides.

3 Connect the power cord and turn on the machine



5 Select your language (If needed) (Only for certain models)
1. On the machine’s Touchscreen, press
(Settings) > All Settings > Initial Setup > Local Language.
2. Press your language. 3. Press .

4 Select your country/language (Initial setup only)
After turning on the machine, you may be required to set your country or language (depending on your machine). If required, follow the onscreen instructions.

6 Connect the machine to your computer/mobile device
· Windows® PC with a CDROM drive, go to step 6A · Windows® PC without a CDROM drive, go to step 6B · Macintosh, go to step 6B · Mobile device users, go to step 6C


Configuration using the CDROM (Windows®)

If the Brother screen does not appear automatically, go to Computer (My Computer). (For Windows® 8: click the (File Explorer) icon on the taskbar, and then go to Computer.) Doubleclick the CDROM icon, and then doubleclick start.exe.
Connection Type
For USB Connection
For Wired Network Connection
Connect a network cable first.
For Wireless Network Connection
We recommend preparing a USB cable to use temporarily during the wireless setup.

Follow the onscreen instructions until the Connection Type screen appears.

Follow the onscreen instructions to continue installation.


If connection is unsuccessful, repeat this step.

Wireless Network Connection

Select this option if you have a USB cable to use temporarily for wireless setup.
Select this option if you do not have a USB cable.

Follow the onscreen instructions to continue installation.


If connection is unsuccessful, repeat this step.


Configuration without using the CDROM (Windows® without CDROM drive or Macintosh)
Download the full driver and software package from the Brother Solutions Center. (For Windows®) (For Macintosh)
After you download the driver and software package, follow the onscreen instructions until the Connection Type screen appears. Refer to 6A Configuration using the CD-ROM (Windows®).


Wireless setup for mobile devices
Connect the machine and wireless LAN access point/router from the machine’s control panel. On the machine’s control panel, press
> Setup Wizard > Yes.

Select the specified SSID, and then enter the Network key.
Wireless setup is now complete.

Before you can use your machine with your mobile device, download “Brother iPrint&Scan.”

Print and scan using your mobile device
Download “Brother iPrint&Scan” to start using your machine with mobile devices.