Hotpoint BHWD129 Integrated Washer Dryer Instruction Manual

Operating Instructions – Washer Dryer Hotpoint BHWD129

Instruction Manual

Control Panel

Detergent Dispenser Drawer: Used to dispense detergents & washing additives
ON/OFF button: Switches the washer-dryer on and off
Wash Cycle Knob: Programs the wash cycles. During the wash cycle, the knob does not move.
Function buttons with indicator light: Used to select the available functions. The indicator light corresponding to the selected function will remain lit.
Temperature Knob: Sets the temperature or the cold wash cycle
Drying Knob: Used to set the desired drying program
Wash Cycle Progress indicator lights: Used to monitor the progress of wash cycle. The illuminated indicator light shows which phase is in progress.
Door locked indicator light: Indicates whether the door may be opened or not
Start/Pause button with indicator light Starts or temporarily interrupts the wash cycle. To pause the wash cycle in progress, press this button; the corresponding indicator light will flash orange, while the indicator light for the current wash cycle phase will remain lit in a
fixed manner. If the DOOR LOCKED indicator light is switched off, the door may be opened. To start the wash cycle from the point at which it was
interrupted, press the button again.

Indicator Lights

  • Wash Cycle phase indicator lights Once the wash cycle has been chosen and selected and has begun, the indicator lights switch on one by one to indicate which phase of the cycle is currently in progress.

  • Function buttons and corresponding indicator lights When a function is selected, the corresponding indicator light will illuminate. If the selected function is not compatible with the programmed wash cycle, the corresponding indicator light will flash and the function will not be activated. If this is the case, the most recent selection will remain active.
  • Door locked indicator light If this indicator light is on, the appliance door is locked to prevent it from being opened accidentally. To avoid any damage, wait for the indicator light to switch off before you open the door.

Starting a wash cycle

  1. Switch the washer-dryer on by pressing the ON/OFF button. All indicator lights will switch on for a few seconds, then they will switch off and the START/PAUSE indicator light will pulse on and off
  2. Load the laundry and close the door
  3. Set the WASH CYCLE knob to the desired program
  4. Set the washing temperature
  5. Set the drying cycle if necessary
  6. Measure out the detergent and washing additives
  7. Select the desired functions
  8. Start the wash cycle by pressing the START/PAUSE button and the corresponding indicator light will remain lit up, in green To cancel the set wash cycle, pause the  machine by pressing the START/PAUSE button and select a new cycle
  9. At the end of the wash cycle, the END indicator light will switch on. The DOOR LOCKED indicator light will switch off, indicating that the door can be opened. Take out your laundry and leave the appliance door slightly open to ensure the drum dries out completely.
  10. Switch the washer-dryer off by pressing the ON/OFF button

Table of wash cycles


  • Setting the temperature Turn the TEMPERATURE knob to set the wash temperature. The temperature may be lowered, or set to a cold wash The washer-dryer will automatically prevent you from selecting a temperature that is higher than the maximum value set for each wash cycle.
  • Setting the drying cycle Turn the DRYING knob to set the desired drying type. Two options are available:

A – Based on time: from 40 to 80 minutes
B – Based on how the damp clothes are once they have been dried: Iron slightly damp clothes, easy to iron
Hanger dry clothes to put away Cupboard: Very dry clothes, recommended for toweling and bathrobes

Wash functions

  • 1200 – 600 By selecting this function, reduces the spin speed
  • Mini Load This function is recommended for when a load of laundry is equal to half, of the maximum recommended load
  • Extra Rinse By selecting this function, the efficiency of the rinse is increased and optimal detergent removal is guaranteed. It is particularly useful for sensitive skin.
  • Superwash This function offers a high-performance washing using a greater quantity of water in the initial phase of the cycle and an increased cycle duration.

Drying only

Turn the WASH CYCLE knob to one of the drying settings according to the type of fabric, then select the desired drying duration using the DRYING knob.